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well that was short-lived. internet is acting up so drafts and one-liners are once again a no-go *sighs*

Making Up || BDR || spiritsandenergy



"No need to worry about me," he said simply, though a bit stilted, "I’m always fine, Sherls." 

He winced, tasting his tongue and beginning to brush his teeth once again. “I smoked something, it tastes awful.  Seriously, how do you live like this?” 

He shook his head, coming out of the bathroom, looking at Sherlock for a moment. “Thanks for coming,” he finally said, the words a hefty exhale.

Sherlock managed a slight laugh at the question about his vices, feeling some of the familiar ease of their conversations returning. Looking up when Victor returned to his field of vision, he let something more akin to a smile than a smirk for once settle on his face. “Couldn’t just let you go off the deep end, now could I? That’s kind of my thing,” he joked lightly. 

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Collateral Damage || Public Secrets || ladyannaline


Mycroft closed his eyes, leaning into his brother’s hand. He wasn’t appeased by his brother’s reassurances - not at all. He didn’t like the idea of either of them being at that… that monster’s mercy. He had no bargaining chips for this, no way of making it better. The man had a very far reach, and Mycroft supposed he really should have expected something like this happen eventually.

He sighed, his hands dropped to Sherlock’s waist again (over his dressing gown this time “This isn’t about your capability Sherlock” he said. One upon a time he would have doubted his brother’s ability to deal with this sort of thing but now… he was probably the only person he trusted. “You shouldn’t have to deal with it… you say he wants to toy with you. How exactly?”

"I can’t say for sure," Sherlock confessed quietly. "All he did was threaten for now- no details, no allowance for questions about details. He just wanted me to know his intentions." Pausing, the designer leaned in to press a soft kiss to his brother’s lips.

"If I promise to tell you the next time he visits, can we move past this topic for the day?" he inquired, not really wanting to think about Magnussen any more than he absolutely had to. The man’s name made his skin crawl, and knowing that he held this much leverage made Sherlock nearly physically ill. He just wanted to enjoy his time with Mycroft while the elder could spare it between his many meetings and business lunches.

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Love You Just a Little Too Much || Serial Killer AU || mycroftthemodel


Mycroft simply watched. 

What else could he possibly do?

He watched the panic, the mania.  And he watched as it was sated.  He understood, a bit. More than most probably.  He needed it. There was sanity in him, but only if the rest was sated, was pushed down and quietly dealt with.  

Mycroft could help with that.  Wanted to help with that. 

"Are you satisfied, brother?" he asked a bit briskly, letting go of the man as the screams quieted.  "Because I’d rather like a proper bath, if you’re through."  He wiped his blood covered hands on a towel.  "Or would you like to deal with the body while it’s still warm?" 

Sherlock took deep, slow breaths as Mycroft spoke to him, almost not hearing the question. His heart was slowing, like the man on the table beneath him had done just mere seconds before.
S l o w i n g …


He opened his eyes, not having realized he closed them. Immediately the gaze flickered to the elder Holmes, a note of surprise and genuine fear almost in the brightly-coloured irises. What had he just do-


Sherlock pulled it back inside, let his emotions flatline again. Everything was safer when it was dead. It couldn’t do any damage.

"I need to clean up in here first. You can- you can leave now if you like."

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